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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


小林俊哉 | Toshiya Kobayashi



でも一方で、人はその“自然”に対して壊滅的なダメージを与え続けています。いま一度立ち止まって“自然”と語り合う必要性を感じています。そして今回のプロジェクトでは、自然とのコラボレーション。その土地の土と草や葉の汁で私がドローイングをしたキャンパスを一ヶ月間筑波山に設置し、そのキャンバスに“自然”がどんなドローイングをしてくれるのか楽しみです。 キャンパスに土、草、はっぱの汁

"Conversing with Nature"


People coexist with nature through receiving its blessings, without blaming or hating nature even in times of great natural disasters. Contrarily, people continue to cause devastating damage to that “nature.” I feel the need for us to stop and make time to converse with “nature.” This project at Mount Tsukuba is my collaboration with nature. I installed canvases directly on the ground, and then created drawings with the soil and the sap of grass and leaves from that land. They will be left as they are for one month. I wonder what sort of drawings “nature” will depict on those canvases. Soil and the sap of grass and leaves on canvases

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