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Stephane Guiran      France
The dream of the eternal snows
I imagined this artwork as a mountain covered by eternal snows. During its installation it became a meditation on fragility, strength and unity. It appears fragile with the bamboos carrying on their shoulders selenite stones. Fragile with this forest of selenite swaying in the wind and rain. Selenite stones come from the crystallization of the salt of ancient seas. They return to dust when let outside under rain and humidity for months. This piece is as fragile as the eternal snows disappearing while we are not paying attention to our climate. But it is also strong thanks to the power of the selenite stones, usually used by therapists for purifying and healing. When we reach the center of this circle made with 500 selenites, we are invited to experience their strength as we connect to their silent vibrations. One single stone on bamboo seems fragile, but all together the 500 elements breath as a single unified presence in space. They express the strength of unity, reminding us the serenity of the eternal snows covering the highest mountains. 
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