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Carlos de Gredos     Spain

Carlos de Gredos digs the earth to produce a deep trench with the form of the letter  T… As Carlos de Gredos says, “The letter T The letter T signals a conjunction of the sky and the earth. This is a powerful letter that suggests elemental power. T is time. It is also “hand” in Japanese” De Gredos  digs into the ground communicates the sound and visual dimensionality of the word “hand” in Japanese. Another letter in Japanese. Kanji Te signifies  “hand” in Japanese…Superimposed and and made of bamboo powder the Japanese Kanji Te seen in relation to the T is not a coincidence of graphics  but instead a conjunction or causality… A place is given in de Gredos’ juxtaposition of two writing systems  to the Japanese.  This project,  made of earth, like de Gredos’ fascinating video and photo works relates to the language of visuality and nature. Expressing spirit in a dialogue with the deep poetry of local Japanese speech and calligraphy de Gredos also explored and composed collage sculptures that he then photographed at Tsukuba such as one of a construction like a symbolic entry to a sanctuary – nature is the sanctuary in de Gredos’ bamboo gateway… 


Carlos de Gredos’  Reflections of the Moon project at Mount Tsukuba involved the making of a bamboo ball. De Gredos recorded this as if it were an ongoing performance. Recorded with video and photo at a range of sites, Reflections of the Moon could be seen rolling down a road, up in the tree branches, in so many sites, a human contribution to nature as incongruous as it was inevitable.  In fact the ball became a metaphor for the many states and conditions in nature to be experienced “under the Grand Mother Moon.”  

                                           John K. Grande

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