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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


高橋 睦治 | Mutsuharu Takahashi

「地球の鍵穴 - IN TSUKUBA」

地表は人類にとって生成・消滅の「場」であり、多くのドラマを展開してきた。そこは「地」に育む人々の歴史の層でもある。この作品は時空間を超えてこれらの層を覗く「鍵 穴」である。つくばの「鍵」はあなた自身で、あなたのイメージによって開けられる。 直径 10 m の円を地表に描く

中央には鉄板を設置(直径 90 cm, 厚さ 4 mm)
筑波の鍵:立体オブジェ(長さ 160cm)
北緯 36°12'31.72  東経 140゜06'35.02

"The Earth’s Keyhole in Tsukuba"


For humankind, the surface of the earth is a “place” where birth and death take place, and where a wide variety of dramas unfold. It can also be seen as having been created by historical layers that were nurtured by people who lived on the “earth.” This work signifies a “Tsukuba Keyhole,” through which you can glimpse those layers that go beyond space and time. The “key” to Tsukuba can be opened via your own imagination. Production Details:I drew a circle 10 meters in diameter on the surface of the earth.
At the center of the circle, I installed an iron plate (Ø 90 cm x d. 0.4 cm) and also placed the “Tsukuba Key” (L. 160 cm). Installed Location: 36 º 12’, 31.72” N; 140 º  06’, 35.02” E

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