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2015 Tsukuba International Artist in Residence


Jeon won-gil              South Korea  





れた、垂直/ 水平線数本により構成される。この作品では、自然と(木の)構造物が劇的なまでに強く対比されているが、両者は肉体的に繋がっているのだ。ここで、階段状の形態は観る者に、空間において視線の上下を促すと共に、木、葉、空間、観客の間の関係性について疑問を投げかける。



"Collected and Connected Colors"


Tree are linked by a wooden structure evoking a minimalist stairway, which

consists of vertical and horizontal lines painted in colors collected from a variety

of fallen leaves, as well as the colors of the sky. Though this work dramatizes the

strong contrast between nature and structure (wooden) these are nevertheless

physically connected. In this work, the stair-like shapes guide the viewer’s eyes

up and down the space, and inspire questions about the relationship between

trees, leaves, space and visitors.


Timber and paint

Jeon, Wongil
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